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Help us rehabilitate cats in our Blue Mountains shelter.

Applying to Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of our shelter. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to support the more than 100 cats we rescue each year.

Before submitting an application, please read read our FAQs to learn what to expect, our minimum requirements, and what roles we currently have available in our shelter or working from home.

We support work experience for students, NDIS volunteering, military veterans, and TAFE Animal Care Cert II Internships.

We also have a dedicated foster care application page, below.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is our shelter located?

Our shelter is a cat rehabilitation room inside the co-working building called Nauti Studios, which is on the corner of the Hazelbrook traffic lights.

There is parking out front and the entrance is on the left with a doorbell.

Here is our google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/j9mLLYbvUZr8Dcrn7 

How committing is volunteering?

We would appreciate a six-month pledge of time from our volunteers. The act of volunteering is a selfless one, allowing you to gain new skills, new friends, and a new perspective. It has been said that volunteering is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, reliability, learning, and commitment.

When you volunteer, you give a part of yourself, your time, your energy, and your skills. It can be a one-time commitment or a lifetime activity.

What are our minimum requirements?

All our cats were once homeless or victims of animal cruelty, so you must be comfortable handling them or be willing to learn. They may hiss, swipe, or bite if they are handled incorrectly.

Depending on the role, our minimum volunteering age is 13 or 18.

All our volunteers are required to be COVID-19 and tetanus vaccinated (showing certificate).

All our shelter volunteers are required to be working with children checked (complete the form for free on the official NSW website, here: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-for-a-working-with-children-check)

We can not intake anyone with a criminal history.

What is our Volunteer Application Process?

Begin by reading these FAQs and available roles.

Then start gathering your documents. You’ll need a valid driver license or passport, your COVID-19 and tetanus vaccination certificate, and Working With Children NSW certificate.

If you’d like to proceed, fill out a volunteer application. Tell us about yourself, how you’d like to volunteer, and why you’d like to volunteer. Our goal is to put you in the right position for both us and you.

If we approve your application, we will then arrange a meet-and-greet at our shelter with our cats. This goes for about an hour.

If all goes well, you can complete our volunteer agreement form and assign you to your role. This can be solo (such as one of our morning feeders), or with another volunteer like during playtime.

We provide support as needed and try to attend sessions when possible.

What roles are available at our shelter?

• Morning Feeders: Help by scheduling one day a week feeding our cats, cleaning their rooms, and spending some time with them. We have a feeder each day of the week plus backups. It takes about one hour to complete. Reliability is essential.

• Daytime Playmates: Spend quality time with our cats for an hour or two. 

• Drivers: A variety of hours with a requirement for flexibility in times. We really need reliability here to drive kitties to vets/fosters or deliver supplies to fosters.

• Social Media Volunteers: We really need regular photos, videos, and writers for our Facebook, Youtube, and website. We have all the equipment but not enough minds to get creative. This is our main source of fundraising.

• Admin Volunteers: Help us with admin for a couple hours each week so we can focus on our rescues. We have book keepings to complete, policies to write, and applications to process.

What roles are available working from home?

• Foster Interviewers: Interviewing potential fosters to ensure that they will provide a safe and happy for our kitties. Training and standard interview questions will be provided.

• Foster Carers: Help care for one of our cats until they can be found an adopters. Committment of 6+ months required.

• Adoption Coordinators: Help interview potential adopters, match them with kitties, contacting fosters (regarding kitties, personalities, matching pairs, etc) and then arrange payments and papers for them to complete.

• Writers: A variety of positions available for our social media accounts, website, blog, and fundraisers.

Do you have any committee positions avaliable?

Yes we do! Since RSPCA in Katoomba closed, we’ve been inundated with help requests. We need to grow our charity to respond, as well as continue making responsible and strategic decisions about where we are heading.

Avaliable positions include:

  • Chief Veterinarian
  • Chief Veterinary Nurse
  • TNR Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Events and Fundraising Coordinator
  • Adoptions Coordinator
  • Shelter Volunteers Coordinator
  • Foster Carers Coordinator
Can I visit the shelter first before submitting an application?

Yes absolutely! Our shelter is open for visits. We currently don’t have enough staff to keep the shelter open all the time, but you can send us a message and schedule a time to visit.

Other Ways You Can Help


100% of donations go towards our shelter and the medical expenses for our rescued cats.

You can donate via bank transfer or card.

Our Patreon has all kinds of fun content, including photos, videos, blogging, and shelter live streaming.


We can only rescue cats when they have somewhere to go.

That’s where our amazing foster carers come in.

We fund all their medical and rehabilitation expenses while you provide their food, litter, and love.


Our adoption counsellors follow a robust matching process to ensure you find your perfect companion.

Plus we’re always here after the adoption if you need ongoing advice.

All our cats are microchipped, desexed, and vaccinated prior to adoption.

Join Our Patreon

We desperately need more funding for our shelter’s monthly expenses. By making an ongoing donation, you will be helping us save more lives each month.

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