Foster a Cat With Us!

Look after a cat or litter of kittens while we find them adopters.

Applying to Foster

Fosters play a key role in our ability to support as many cats as possible.

Once our cats have been rehabilitated in our shelter, we find temporary homes for them until they can be found adopters.

We can then intake new cats from our local cat rescue groups as we have the space to support them.

We are always looking for new carers to join our Foster Care Family, so if you’re keen to participate in this gratifying program, read our frequently asked questions on the right and submit your application below!

We have also listed our ready-to-foster cats at the end of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is our shelter located?

Our shelter is a cat rehabilitation room inside the co-working building called Nauti Studios, which is on the corner of the Hazelbrook traffic lights.

There is parking out front and the entrance is on the left with a doorbell.

Here is our google maps link: 

What are our minimum requirements?

At Hazelbrook Cat Shelter, we have specific requirements for our foster carers to ensure the well-being and safety of our cats.

If you’re interested in fostering a cat, please note the have the following minimum requirements of our foster carers and their household:

  • All our cats were once homeless or victims of animal cruelty, so you must be comfortable handling them or be willing to learn. They may hiss, swipe, or bite if they are handled incorrectly.
  • You can foster a cat while owning other cats, but the foster cat must be able to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days in its own room.
  • Our foster cat must be kept indoors at all times.
  • You must have quiet household away from major road noise and construction.
  • You musn’t have a criminal history, no children under the age of three, and no dogs.
  • We require a minimum six month time committment from our fosters.
How many hours per day will I need to commit to my animal?

Fostering usually requires a time commitment of around 1-2 hours per day, usually centred around normal meal times, and depending on if the cat requires socialization or medication.

How long can fostering take?

Fostering typically lasts about 1-2 months until the cat is adopted. It can be longer for special needs situations or kittens in the summer. It can be shorter too, but that’s the average. Make sure you don’t have any major travel during that time frame, although a weekend trip is fine as long as you have a super reliable sitter.

What's involved in fostering a cat and how much much does it cost?

Foster carers do everything for their rescued animals that they would normally do for their own (except for paying medical bills, which we cover). This includes providing them with adequate food and water, a litter box and litter, bedding, toys, transportation to and from vets (we offer a transportation service to vets for $20), and time spent bonding with them.

I have a cat. Where would the foster cat stay?

Unless the rescued cat has been previously quarantined by another foster carer or vet, the rescued cat will need to be kept separate from any other cats in the house for a minimum of 14 days. A rescued cat can usually stay in a bathroom other smaller room during this period, which is ideal when they are sick and need to adjust to a new home.

Can my cat eventually meet the foster cat? Is that safe?

Yes of course! If the cat has been with you for a few weeks and has been vaccinated, we can advise on the best practices for introducing them. Many foster parents eventually prefer to have their fosters out of the bathroom and hanging out with their cats, and that’s ok after a quarantine period.

Are there videos about foster caring a cat so I can learn more?

Yes! Flatbush Cats in Brooklyn have a good selection of rescue videos, as well as Kitten Lady for kittens.

Can I visit the shelter first before submitting an application?

Yes absolutely! Our shelter is open for visits. We currently don’t have enough staff to keep the shelter open all the time, but you can send us a message and schedule a time to visit.

Cats Ready For Foster Care


A very friendly older kitten in our shelter, the last of her litter to be adopted.
Adult – Female


A curious and sweet young boy at our shelter needing love. He is a bit shy.
Adult – Male


A sweetie but still anxious from being rescued and adjusting to life in our shelter. Hisses and can’t be pet but might change.
Adult – Male


Confident and independent post-mummy cat. We are working on building her socialising but she chill otherwise. Not pets possible yet (may change in a home).
Adult- Female

Other Ways You Can Help:


100% of donations go towards our shelter and the medical expenses for our rescued cats.

You can donate via bank transfer or card.

Our Patreon has all kinds of fun content, including photos, videos, blogging, and shelter live streaming.


There are so many ways you can become involved, from fundraising, feeding, playtime, admin, or joining our committee.

We always need more volunteers and it’s a great way to help out when you can’t adopter or foster more animals.


Our adoption counsellors follow a robust matching process to ensure you find your perfect companion.

Plus we’re always here after the adoption if you need ongoing advice.

All our cats are microchipped, desexed, and vaccinated prior to adoption.

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